Monday, December 30, 2002

Ok a thousand apologies to anybody who knows me knows I have been really busy and not had the time to blog so to speak!! I am seriously upset with myself and promise to blog away.... it is my new year resolution. At the moment in the middle on boyfriends moving in and brothers moving house!!!! will blog tonight on the sensible stuff.. Everton and Wayne Rooney

Friday, November 08, 2002

just a quick posting really, think I covered about how covered in bruises I am, well fell down the stairs this morning from top to bottom. It was Paddy's first day off in months and thought he might have been awoken from his pit but he never came to my asistance, so he either thought there she goes again or never heard me.
Something very exciting connected with the blues could be happening for me and peter later on today... I don't want to divulge, if It comes off all will be told at the weekend, I am a superstitious girl and am worried if I say then it won't come off.
Went to Tesco at 10.30 last night,finding the new Old Swan Tesco just a bit too handy for wasting money and bought a top CD "Best Band Ever" lots of good tunes, and ended up missing the "Sopranoes" thanks God for E4 repeating stuff. Another Good programme is "Six Foot Under" but have lost track a bit with being away in America.
Anyway a special dedication to my mate Ged, who will be at his last game for 4 months tomorrow. He has a season ticket next to me in the St End, and is travelling round the world for 4 months to all sorts of exotic locations, Austrailia, LA and Singapore etc. Good luck to him and Sam (no connection his girlie called Sam also). Going for a few pre and post match drinks although not too many as Ged has early start and Peter starts his Coaching course on Sunday and I have a possible trip to Nottingham Sunday later on to see Oasis.... watch this space

Thursday, November 07, 2002

wow, what a night last night was. The poor old woman next door will think murder was being commited. Paddy downstairs screaming at the radio and me and peter on the upstairs radio with Peter telling me to turn it off every two seconds, me putting it back on and inbetween shouting down the stairs to Paddy etc etc. We ended up in the next round of the Worthington Cup after a penatly shootout, a disallowed Wayne Rooney goal which ended up with a penalty and an own goal from what I must say has become an even madder looked Pistone than before and a Kevin Campbell goal in the first 10 minutes. I thought I was going to have a heart attack - was shaking like a leaf by the time we had got to the end of the game.
I must comment now on the Rooney supersition I have. Every football fan has their superstitions... well, I've had a few in my time which included getting to the ground at 1.30 when the st end was standing only and having to have a cheese barm, also brushing my teeth just before I left the house before the game... loads of them. My latest one is my "Rooney Shoes". A pair of Nike trainers I got in America and wore to the Arsenal game, yes, Rooney scored first premiership goal, 2nd time of wearing them was Leeds Rooney scored 2nd premiership goal and last night when we were loosing I got changed and put them on and yes, he scored a third albeit disallowed but he did get a penalty and scored in the shootout! So, they will be getting worn on Saturday too!!!

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

sorry, the pub by Highbury is " The Drayton" and here is a link to Kieran's blog
I am seriously guilty of abandoning my blog since last week, but have had internet connection problems at home. Anyway, my blog is now back, up and running.. apologies
Well, I don't really need to mention how good stuff is for life as an Evertonian at the moment! Absolutely wonderful thanks to a great win - (which took us 51yrs) at Leeds on Sunday. I still have the bruises to prove how mad stuff went when he scored.(need I mention his name?" Had a nice journey up there, we drove up on Sunday morning and anybody who knows me will know how much crap I eat, but sampled the delights of Burger King Leeds!! Not as nice as Florida but a girl can't complain. Anyway on the pub score, a few pubs round the ground, went to one with salt in the title was'nt really impressed with it there and then tried to get into the Old Peacock, but they stopped any Blues going in because they were singing.. it is like this at every away ground when we are away.. just follow the noise and you will find a pub with a load of blues in.. The best I have been so far in away pubs is the Cap and Gown by Aston Villa - it was so packed in here I could'nt move my arms and went into the ground smelling of Stella and a pub by Highbury (if I remember the name Kieran Lamb who has his own blog and is a gooner bless him put a link on from his to mine to his will be well impressed). Me and Peter went there for my 30th in May on the day they lifted the Premiership title trophy and had a great time with the Arsenal fans who we owe a debt too for Michael Thomas stopping the other team in this city winning the league in 1988. On the subject of this, there is a great book and film by Nick Hornby called Fever Pitch which tells the tale, its really good.
Anyway back to Leeds, we had a great view of the pitch and was impressed with the team especially David Unsworth and Radinski although I panicked to hear Alan Stubbs was back and Moyes picked him over Weir but I suppose a bit of competition is what Moyes is trying to install. Click here for the When skies are grey match report. We did'nt get home until later, mainly we wanted to celebrate and also we went to view Paddy's (my brother) mates Penthouse. Now I remember Tony when he was at school and he is an exiled Blue in Leeds, whom got relocated and was lucky enough to get an absolute brilliant flat, think of our Dock appartments in Liverpool and you will get the right idea. It just seems really strange for my little brothers mate to be living in a penthouse flat!! We then went to another pub were the previous night there were a load of bikers! Paddy was joking about my Parka saying they would think I was mod! Luckily the bikers were not there but it was very pleasant.One thing annoyed me and that was on talksport I felt Everton got no credit for how well they played and it was mainly Leeds fans saying how poor the team was etc and Veneables had to go, they are very upset over Bowyer but I don't understand why.. he was going to sign for Liverpool in the Summer and yet they are adament that he loves Leeds and wants to play and that it is Veneables keeping him out of the team.
I could'nt sleep on Sunday night despite being exhaused I kept re-living the game in my head over and over again, especially the goal. and I just can't believe how well we have been doing. To be 6th in the table is great, to have a wonderkid like Rooney is even better, and David Moyes could do no wrong at the moment - things are looking up!!
On to other matters, was disapointed that "The Office" has finished - I definately thought Tim and Dawn would get together and also, I am certain there will be another series.... I think David's pleading may have give him another chance. Off now to ring my exiled friend Nikki who is suprise suprise a blue but living in Spain for a year as part of her Degree!! I will be gloating about seeing Rooney's goal in person!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

One more thing before I head of for my tea and settle down for the night, here is my story of how I become a blue . Its off a really good website called Bluekipper have a look, its got quite a bit on it of interest, I am also on here photographed with duncan ferguson, who is my favourite player. You will need to scroll down the page and look for the Sam and Duncan picture. I also have an MSM community with more stuff on but still trying to work out how I link that up - I think I will need to actually get some webspace and do some sort of website eventually. If you are reading this Ken expect some questions on my next visit or an email asking how to!!!
just been on the everton website and Moyes is really putting a lot of confidence back in the team and this is rubbing off on the fans. For any of you who have not really followed Everton's progress and I suppose there are a lot of you out there, this time last year we had Walter Smith as our Manager, who although was an experience manager and lead Rangers to win the Scottish equalivant of our Premiership,This man in my eyes and many Blues eyes just seemed to have the most negative tactics ever and seemed reluctent to let any of our youth through and do well at the club. We had unfit players who were really unmotivated and lacking in any self respect or confidence and it was awful to see.I know there are all sorts of rumours about the financial state of the club and Smith blamed a lot his performances on lack of money and upstairs at the club (anyone see him on Sky on Sunday) You can imagine, how frustrated the fans were and the pvitol point was against Middlesborough in the FA Cup when I was ashamed to see a team play without any of the charicteristics that we expect of an Everton Team. I should explain our club motto "Nil Satis Nisi Optimum" means nothing but the best is good enough and to see a display without any pride or effort was disgusting. We had all spent a fortune that day on a mini bus getting to Middlesborough, queing up to get tickets etc, and for what. Well, it worked out well, in the long term, Smith was Sacked and Moyes came in. Since then the players look fitter and more motivated (look at Campbell and how much weight he has lost) and their is an air of enthusiasim around Goodison not seen for many seasons. To be where we are in the table is an acheivment and hats off to Moyes for what he has done so far
Looks like I am up and running at last fingers crossed. Anyway a bit about how I come to do this. I absolutely am obsessed with Everton Football Club and I quite like writing and airing my views on this, My boss and friend Ken Clare has set up his own blog and yesterday I was asking him how you go about doing one and he said I should do one on so here we are. Mine probably won't be as interesting as Ken's (he has gone a life changing operation click here to see his blog) but hopefully some people might read it.
Anyway, being an Evertonian is a lifestyle, there is much more to it than simply turning up at the match every other week. It involves travelling round the country (in my case) and it being the difference between having a good and bad weekend!! Sometimes, even a good week or bad week. It involves all sorts of decisions around entertainment and it seems most blues are similar in tastes in music and clothing attire (adidas being the prefered I think) If this sounds like rubbish just take a look on the message board on When skies are Grey which is the fanzine that I prefer to read. I recently got an article published in there and was really pleased.I recently went to Florida and missed the Fulham home game (it was the first one in three seasons Ive missed) and Mickey Mouse or not, it just wasnt the same! Also sitting in 95 degrees in my Everton Kit watching the Man U game (we were robbed) left me feeling so despondant at how the game ended up I actually wanted to go home. My boyfriend Peter (also a blue) wanted to do exactly the same thing.
Anyway, you will find I am quite excitable this week due to an impending away game on Sunday to Leeds and home game the week after. It might be just me but the home games seem really spaced out this season.
it looks like I am up and running possibly, I had loads of error messages yesterday and just couldnt get it to work, we will wait and see

Monday, October 28, 2002

hello and welcome to my blog - please stick around for further details